Sanctum at Colchester Royal Grammar School – Thursday

Sanctum_GR10_6At the end of lessons we ask pupils which activities have been the most helpful or made the biggest impact on them. Among the most popular are forgiveness, letting go of worries, and the quiet space. But we’re also been amazed at the reaction to the Stop The Traffik activity.

Pupils read one or more of four stories about people who have been traffiked, taken from the STT website. They respond by writing on a strip of paper – their thoughts, a prayer, or just their name as a kind of petition to say, “I believe this is wrong” – and then staple their strip into a loop to add to prayer chains hanging from a frame.

In feedback at the end of lessons the boys have often spoken up about the impact this has had on them. In a setting where a sizable minority engage with Sanctum in a principally intellectual way, real stories of human traffiking are touching their hearts, their emotions, in a way that is surprising them and stirring them.


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