Sanctum at The Gilberd School – Monday


Sanctum is back in The Gilberd School for the third year running. We set up our first prayer space for schools here in the summer of 2008 and have been welcome visitors each year since. This morning we set up eleven activities in the “Small Hall” which provides lots of space and is also a bit of a thoroughfare outside lesson times which means pupils are aware of our presence.

Inspired idea of the morning (thanks Ben!) was to use the wall on the right for the prayer wall, rather than using a notice board. We’re wondering how much of it we can cover by the end of the week. Once everything was ready I left the team to manage break time while I went to record the narration for a new station with our new ‘voice of Sanctum’, Janine (the previous voice, Chrissy, is now in Florida!). I’ve bought a Blue Snowflake mic for these recordings (there will be more) and I have to say the sound quality is amazing. This only took about 20 minutes so once back at the school I hid in the staff room for another 20 minutes editing the track and exporting it for the mp3 players. This brings the number of activities to 12 which is just as well as we’ve got classes of 32 visiting all at once and there needs to be enough to keep them engaged, otherwise they just wander around and distract each other.

Lessons during the day went well (about 100 pupils today) but whilst break saw about 20 in the prayer room lunchtime we saw slightly fewer as sports day (part 1) was taking place on the field. Sports Day (part 2) happens tomorrow so we’ll have to wait and see how busy we will be.

Already there are some moving prayers and responses from pupils building up around the room. Below is a picture of the “Thankful” activity. Pretty simple really. The text reads; “What makes your life good? What are you thankful for right now? Write on a post-it note one thing that makes you thankful and add it to the board.
When you’ve done that, have a look in the box…” Ahh.. the box. That’s a secret!


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