Sanctum at The Gilberd School – Tuesday

Sanctum_GI10_3The second day and with five classes through in the first three lessons, plus break, the morning passed quite quickly. We’re seeing class sized groups of up to 32 for half a one hour lesson. That way more classes get a taster experience of Sanctum.

Today we were joined by Matt, friend and fellow youth and schools worker from BCY in Bury St. Edmunds.

Sports day continued today with lunch being brought forward an hour and no lessons after that as everyone was out on the field. This helpfully allowed us a bit of much needed time back at the office to continue with planning for the town wide community action day for young people we’re organising for Saturday 17th.

We’ve produced supporting material for teachers to use before or after a class visit. Here is some of the feedback from students so far.

  • “The sand activity made me appreciate what my friends and family have done for me. It made me want to make a good impression on life and to others around me.”
  • “Sanctum is a really great place to think about your life and forgive and forget the bad things in life.”
  • “My favourite activity was when we wrote on a post-it note about what we are thankful for.”
  • The forgiving activity helped me because it made me think that I can forgive someone and not hold grudges and to let go of the past.”
  • “I walked out with a clear head ready to face the world.”
  • “Sanctum enlightens you. It’s peaceful and it brings you closer to the world, God and things around you.”

The Prayer Wall coverage continues to grow. So many are genuine prayers addresses to “Dear God..” or “Father God…”, and this in a state school with very few Christian pupils. Some of these prayers are incredibly honest, revealing glimpses of struggles that are probably shared with only the closest of friends. After reading the Prayer Wall today a couple of teachers talked to us about how moving the experience had been for them.

As a team we spent some time during a free half lesson praying for the young people and that they would see some really clear answers to the prayers they posted.

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  1. Gordon McBirnie says:

    Sounds like a wonderful experience for the young people, it has certainly made me think about how we could do something similar in the high school near us

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