Journey to Disbelief

My friend Tom has recently started a blog to record his journey to disbelief as a former Christian. Tom had a remarkable conversion experience several years ago and for a time worked with us in schools. He has a sharp mind and a compassionate heart and I found in him both a good friend and a stimulating thinker – we shared many a theological conversation, reflected hilariously and painfully on some of the tragic and embarrassing manifestations of Christianity, and created some quality materials for our work in schools. Tom was one of the people involved in creating the first Sanctum prayer room for pupils back in the spring of 2008.

More recently a whole series of cruelties, both evangelical and relational, caused a major crisis of faith and mental health for Tom leading, among other things, to a thoughtful re-evaluation of the basis of his Christian faith and its impact on his life. Today Tom describes himself honestly as an atheist.

Journey to Disbelief is Tom’s blog documenting his thoughts as an atheist and former Christian. I can thoroughly recommend it. Tom is by nature humble, honest, gracious and thoughtful and his record of his (dis)belief journey is one which anyone involved in the church today should read. Tom is not alone, and to ignore or disregard stories like his would be to miss something of great value.

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