Sanctum at The Gilberd School – Thursday

Sanctum_GI10_7Today has been quieter, with only three classes through and about 10 each at break and lunch time. The rest of the school has, however, been buzzing with the visit of hundreds of Year 6’s, next year’s Year 7 pupils. In compensation we spent some more time developing scripts and resources for next week’s first visit of Sanctum to The Stanway School.

In the afternoon Amy and I went shopping for mirrors, cushions and poles and connectors for the gazebo like structure required. We also dug out some black theatrical drapes we own which will be given a new lease of life. We’ll have more news of this next week.

We’ve had a very encouraging stream of teachers popping in when the room is quiet to look round and read the comments, thoughts and prayers of the young people. Some post prayers of their own, most are very moved by what they read and they are all very appreciative of our presence in the school. It’s so great to be able to reach the staff as well as the students through what we do here.

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