Sanctum at The Gilberd School – Friday

Sanctum_GI10_8After a wonderful week of lessons, break times and lunchtimes Sanctum concluded with a couple of lessons and then lunch.

We ran Friday lunchtime slightly differently to the rest of the week. By then, most young people who are going to visit Sanctum have already been in so we shifted the focus to looking ahead.

As young people came in we got them sitting in small groups and then one of the team talked with them about the possibility of doing something similar next term, but on an ongoing basis. They were full of enthusiasm and practical ideas and helped us gain a better understanding of how we could make a weekly Sanctum experience accessible and relevant to them. We will be pursuing this next term.

Of course, whether, after a summer break, they have the same enthusiasm remains to be seen. But so many of the young people had such a positive experience we’re excited about the possibility of getting something regular going here.

The mound of great responses will have to wait for another week before we sift through them. But we all loved the question below, one of the last to be posted on the “Big Questions” board.


Colossians 1:16-17

Next week we’re in Stanway School for the first time and in a totally new setting.

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