Imagine 2010


Just back from an inspiring day for schools workers at the very splendid Oasis Academy in Enfield organised by Amy Stock of

I was there working with Rachel Warwick to run two workshops on Prayer Spaces in Schools. We’d brought along a few sample prayer space activities from Sanctum and Orison which we spread around the room we were in, so after an introduction and a couple of stories we let people loose to try stuff out followed by questions. Both workshops were well attended and we met up with a few people who have run similar things in their own area – always an encouragement.

Other parts of the day I was able to get to included a stimulating session on storytelling and worldviews by the inimitable Mark Roques, a brilliantly organised resources try out session involving all 130 delegates led by Lat Blaylock, and an inspiring overview of the way Christians have shaped, and are continuing to shape, the education system over nearly 300 years by Russell Rook of Chapel St.

As ever with these things, there was also just time to catch up with friends from far away places (great to see you again Paul S!) and the organisation and hospitality were first class though sadly, the Academy provided lunch wasn’t a patch on the school dinners we get in Colchester Schools!!

If you couldn’t make it do check out the links to the contributors listed above and keep an eye on the new, much improved, modular, easily navigated and now customisable website.

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