Remembering Rob Hall with a Random Act of Kindness

Into my inbox this morning popped a weeky email I subscribe to from LICC with a moving story by Brian Draper.

Rob and Kate Hall sold their home in Canada and set off with their three children on an adventure with God. Their blog, withkidsintow, tells their story up to Rob’s last post on 20th February. Tragically, Rob was killed in an accident just over week ago. Tomorrow, Saturday, is his funeral and today would have been his birthday. Friends have issued the challenge:

This Friday, take time to perform at least one Random Act of Kindness in Rob’s name. Something simple – shovel your neighbour’s driveway, pick up someone’s bill in the coffee line, babysit a single mom’s children, visit an elderly relative and then share your stories.

And, however you pray, please pray for Kate and the children, and for Rob’s family, especially tomorrow.

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