Seven better questions you can ask…

Michael Hyatt poses Seven better questions you can ask in the midst of adversity. He writes, “I learned a valuable lesson: the answers we get are often determined by the questions we ask. If we ask bad questions, we will get bad answers. If we ask better questions—empowering questions—we will get better answers.”

I won’t post the questions here – go read for yourself, including the link at the end of question 6.  ; )

Because we weren’t able to run Sanctum in the Sixth Form College in the week we had previously planned, we were forced to ask new questions about why we were doing it, how it might work differently and what outcomes we wanted for students. This led to the amazing opportunity to run it on the concourse which turned it into the best Sanctum we’ve ever done there.

Now we’re facing a similar dilemma… I think we’ll be asking ourselves some good questions.

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