May I be…

I loved this from Joe Knight, reflecting on the life of the community he is part of in Gloucester.

May I be quick to bless
And slow to hurt
Quick to build up
And slow to injure
Quick to listen
And slow to react hastily
Quick to be honest
And slow to blame
Quick to gentleness
Slow to forcefulness
Quick to humility
And slow to superiority
Quick to make peace
And slow to divide
Quick to be meek
And slow to over confidence
Quick to affirm
Slow to argue
Quick to keep an open heart
Slow to manipulate
Quick to be selfless
Slow to defensiveness
Quick to discern
And slow to judge
Quick to patience
And slow carelessness
Quick to love
And slow to break friendship
Quick to see you Jesus
And slow to reinforce my image
Quick to let you speak
And slow to my own opinions
Quick to hear your words
And slow to my own interpretations
Quick to let your kingdom come
Slow to make my will be done
Quick to seek and find you
And slow to hide from you
Lord Jesus,
Fill my heart, my mind and my mouth
May they be you to others
And for you forever

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