CO1 Youth Café

The CO1 Youth Café opened recently in Colchester in the redundant Holy Trinity Church right in the centre of the town. It’s a triumph of faith in a vision and persistence in implementation as it’s taken over ten years to get to this stage, but finally the doors are open.

It’s now our venue of choice for meeting people in town and, athough slightly biased, I can heartily recommend it. The obvious sense of space and natural light give it an ambience that no other café can match and there are also tables and chairs outside, under the shade of the ancient yew trees and overlooked by the splendid Saxon tower.

We (CYO) are looking forward to working with CO1 as the project develops over the next few months.

For history buffs, Holy Trinity Church is one of the oldest buildings in the town, parts of which date back to about 1000AD.

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