Sanctum at Colchester Royal Grammar School – Monday

The summer season of Sanctum kicked off on Monday at Colchester Royal Grammar School, our third annual visit here.

A few weeks ago we prayed about this visit of Sanctum. Although we probably shouldn’t be surprised by these things, all three of us felt God was saying exactly the same thing about our approach this time, “It’s not about the numbers.” This has two practical implications. The first is that we’ve chosen activities that have a particularly personal application. The second is that we’re limiting the maximum number in the room at break and lunch times to 10 and not recording the number of students visiting.

As a result there’s a very different feel to the room. People have really engaged with it and we’ve already had some good conversations with quite a few students. One of the surprise successes, in terms of activities that young people report to be meaningful and helpful, is the prayer beads. Take a glass bead, hold it as you pray, then add it to others in a bowl.

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