Sanctum at Colchester Royal Grammar School – Wednesday

Fewer numbers; greater depth. We’re contiuing to see students engaging seriously with Sanctum in lessons and, in answer to our prayers, numbers at break and lunch time have consistently been 8-10. In amongst the deep conversations about life and faith there’s also been loads of humour. Yesterday one boy wrote on the Big Question activity; “Why did you make me so damn sexy?!” which turned into a discussion with his mates responding in terms of how God made us and how he sees all of us.

Today I chatted with Alan over the ‘character’ activity. He’d chosen as his top three attributes, “Love”, “Joy”, and “Strength”. Alan saw strength as something that’s more than just physical but also mental which led on to a conversation about whether it’s possible to have spiritual strength. His conclusion was that he really hoped to have a strong faith as he grew up.

Later Stu, a Year 13 who has only one A level exam left, came in during a year 8 lesson simply to spend time at the prayer wall leaving a prayer for a friend who’s going through a difficult time.

We’ve also had some of the secretarial staff popping in and taking part. With two days still to go I’m excited to see how this week concludes. If there’s one thing that’s proved true, it’s all about the individual.



(Names have been changed)

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