Over a million pupils are registered to receive a free school meal each lunchtime. I once was one of them. The young person receives a good cooked meal and it relieves a little of the financial pressure on families. Obviously, this stops during the long summer holiday.  As a result 1 in 5 children from low income families say they sometimes go without food and children from single parent families are twice as likely to miss meals.

A documentary called Poor Kids was screened by the BBC on 7th June (repeated on 27th July at 9pm) about three children from different parts of the country who told their story of growing up in poverty. Moved by what she’d seen, Rachel Warwick and a group of friends set up Lunch, a simple idea that deserves to spread.

Lunch encourages community groups to provide meals for these children during the holidays. Each group will be different, each situation will be different. They may not be able to cover the whole of the summer holidays, but each one can do something that will make a huge difference to these children and their families.

There are two web sites. GetLunch is for families and children who want to find out about their local project. MakeLunch is for groups who want to host a Lunch project or help out.

There are a couple of projects running this summer. But this is of those really simple, repeatable ideas that has the potential to grow.

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4 Responses to Lunch

  1. Marie says:

    Thank you for posting this, Tim. Seems like an excellent idea worth pursuing further.

  2. Joe Turner says:

    Thanks for this, Tim – I missed the doc the first time and am glad I’ve now seen it.

    Btw, I can’t get either of the links you mention to work.

    • Tim Abbott says:

      Joe – I’ve checked the links and they all work, though I’d switched the “Get Lunch” and “Make Lunch” url’s by mistake.
      Thanks for looking in.

  3. Joe Turner says:

    Hi Tim, I’ve discovered they exist but appear to crash firefox before you can view them. Not sure why that would be, doesn’t seem to happen to any other website I frequently look at.

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