iBook to the rescue

My MacBook Pro is back after spending two weeks staying at the local Apple Service Centre. It was in for replacement of the Nvidia graphics board, a known issue for which Apple have an extended four year free repair programme. Although mine was just a couple of months outside the four years, Apple agreed to repair it under the programme. My thanks to Trevor at Apple for waving this through.

Here’s how I’ve been keeping things going in the meantime.

> My old iBook G3-700 (2002 vintage, but now with a dead screen) running OSX 10.4.11
> Spare 15″ monitor
> USB drive with my Time Machine backups

It’s been a bit clunky, but it’s kept me going. Email was relatively easy – once I’d set up my five most used email accounts most stuff sync’ed OK. The only tricky ones were our work email accounts which are still POP3 so I set them not to delete from the server, and I sent myself bcc copies of anything I sent so that everything would still be there for when the MBP was back.

The Time Machine backup enabled me to drag any files I needed to work on into the iBook. All work done during the two weeks was stored in a DropBox folder so that it would be instantly available back on the MBP. To be fair to the iBook, it coped well. I was pushing it a bit by installing iWork ’09 (needed to open current files) as the iBook was below the minimum spec for it, but thankfully Apple trusts its users to decide for themselves about this rather than kicking them into touch at the install stage. Still, it was best not to do too much at once!

Now that everything’s back to normal I must catch up a bit.

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2 Responses to iBook to the rescue

  1. Complicated, or what? Now, if you converted and moved over to a PC, just think how much more reliable and easy…(joke)

  2. Tim Abbott says:

    Ha ha!! We’ve got one computer dating from 1998 still running Windows 98 which we use most days for a specific piece of software. That’s what I call reliable…

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