The world’s biggest piggyback race [u]

Joey Pancaldi was a young man who loved God, loved working with young people and loved the wild outdoors. In pursuit of these three passions he trained as an instructor at the Compass Christian Centre in Scotland. Tragically, Joey died on Buchaille etive Mor in July 2008 whilst on a solo expedition.

In his memory Joey’s family set up the History Maker Foundation to to give young people, disabled or disadvantaged, the opportunity for adventure through outdoor activities and pursuits and to share the love of Jesus Christ with those participating in the charity’s activities. To date the charity has helped young people in the UK and South Africa, where Joey grew up.

Among a range of fundraising events the first ‘world’s biggest piggy back race’ happened on 10th October 2010, Joey’s birthday, in Castle Park, Colchester. A total of 145 pairs completed the 100m course setting an official Guinness World Record. The record stood for just four weeks, which means that this year History Maker Foundation are out to reclaim their crown.

So if you fancy an afternoon out in Colchester, doing something ridiculous, contributing just a little to an amazing charity and being a record breaker, do join us on Sunday 2nd October from 2:30pm in Lower Castle Park. Having run it in 2010 (and not come last!!) I wholeheartedly agree with that much worn phrase, “it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts.”

Update: we did it, all 326 of us! History Maker Foundation once again holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest piggyback race.

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