How denominations see each other (and other blog discoveries)

This has been quietly doing the rounds of various blogs over the last couple of weeks. As in the very best of satire, we see in it ourselves, and our opinions, only too clearly!

This is one of those things that gets posted and reposted (like I’m doing!) creating an ever expanding tree of connections. I sometimes like to trace these back as the sleuthing process can often turn up inspiring blogs from fascinating people. This was no exception.

As you can see, the original comes from the blog of St Thomas the Doubter Church in Dallas, Texas. Check out the other cartoons on their site for profound truth simply rendered. Their ‘about us’ page talks about two things: 1) Our doubts and 2) The peace of Christ. Well worth a read.

Anyway, I came to this first through a tweet that pointed to scientia et sapient, a blog for the Th.M. students at Western Seminary by Marc Cortez, the programme director and academic dean. This blog is constant stream of links and articles provoking thought and reflection around theological issues relating mainly to the evangelical church. Plus the odd random picture (you have to go see). This one’s definitely going in my RSS reader. Marc’s post pointed to…

Near Emmaus (another rich source of theological thinking), and a post by Brian LePort who in turn pointed to…

Daniel Kirk who had posted about this graphic on Google+, thereby opening up for me a whole new world of people to follow. Daniel is Assistant Professor of New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary and as well as his presence on G+, blogs at Storied Theology. I can now ‘follow’ Daniel on G+ and RSS his blog.

I find it all too easy to settle in to reading the same RSS feeds, tweets and blogs – chasing down the source of a viral blog post can lead to some inspiring discoveries.

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