Remembrance Project

One of the things we often become aware of though our work in chaplaincy and projects like Sanctum is the amount of hidden grief among young people. In the past year there have also been some tragic deaths among students.

So this year, in the week leading up to Remembrance Day, we’re helping young people in the Sixth Form College, where Kathryn works as Chaplain, and one of the schools where Amy is Chaplain to remember and celebrate those who have passed away. At it’s most basic this involves writing the name of the person on a cutout flower and sticking or pinning it to a banner.

In the Sixth Form College Kathryn has created a ‘Remembrance Meadow’ wall hanging on the concourse (where we ran Sanctum in the Spring). It’s already filling up with fabric flowers, each one bearing the name of a deceased friend or relative. And it’s also leading to conversations for students and staff alike, glad of the opportunity to open up about the loss of someone special to them.

At Alderman Blaxill School, which has a high proportion of students with parents in the Army, Amy has adapted her quiet/prayer room in a similar way, with one wall covered in a meadow frieze and using flower post it notes. She is also doing assemblies on the theme of remembrance all week.


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