Muslims Are Not Offended by Celebrations of Other Religions

“We Muslims are baffled when we read and hear that Christmas is being `banned’ and replaced with something else because the organisers do not want to offend Muslims.”

So writes Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, Chairman of the Inter Faith Relations Committee at the Muslim Council of Britain. He concludes:

“We have been calling on Christian friends for a long time now to reclaim Christmas from the commercialisation of it. We have been encouraging them to bring back the religious and spiritual richness of Christmas. Last year, a delegation of Christians and Muslims were in Brussels for a conference. For dinner we went to a restaurant in the centre of the city. I was thrilled to see that the nativity scene was re-enacted with life size figurines of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, the wise men, stables, straw and even live sheep! Why have I not seen this in Britain? It would be wonderful to show my children what the very special Jesus means to Christians and to discuss with them what he means to us and to learn the different beliefs we all hold. Merry Christmas to all Christians and whoever else chooses to celebrate it.”

Full article from the MCB web site.

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