Sanctum at the Sixth Form College – Thursday

For some reason Sanctum Thursdays are usually the slowest day of the week. We think most people who are interested have come through by now and those who are thinking ‘I must have a look’ end up waiting until Friday. But today was busy enough once we got past break time and the atmosphere on the concourse settled down.

One of the team told me about a conversation she’d had with a student who, on taking part in Sanctum, had come to realise how much her former faith really meant to her. One of the things we’ve noticed is that when people start on the activities they can be slightly guarded, maintaining a bit of a ‘front’. Gradually, as they work their way around Sanctum their guard drops and many open up about feelings and situations that they’ve not had space to express in any other aspect of college life. There’s a palpable sense of relief in some, “I’ve never thought about my life this way before.”

In the afternoon I got a somewhat loved-up couple to do the ‘priorities’ activity together. They had to agree on their six top values, which led to a measure of frank discussion and some hilarity. Eventually they arrived at something near to a consensus (he still insisted on ‘car’, she on ‘joy’) which led them to the surprising discovery that one of the things they would most value is ‘to travel widely’. I remain unconvinced that they have a long future together!

Another of the activities we’ve been running is called “Life Path”. Students complete a simple flyer with two questions. “When I was younger I wanted to be…” and “Now I want to be…” The results are pinned to a large cloth against a wall. Here are some of the answers.

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