Sanctum at Alderman Blaxill School

Sanctum is back in Alderman Blaxill School and once again we’ve got the use of a wonderful upstairs art room. After a slow start on Monday – set-up, lunch time and one lesson, Tuesday was a slightly busier day.

We have, however, been competing for attention with the wonderful weather which today drew everyone outside at break and lunch time. This did mean that the 3 or 4 who dropped in each time had a peaceful experience. To end the day we had two Year 11 RE classes, the second of which was a bit of a handful as a number of them struggled to engage appropriately with the activities. At one point the teacher and I were beginning to wonder whether to call a halt, but gradually things calmed down and a kind of peace descended around all the activity.

As ever, life-stories are told in just a few words.


Then there are the fascinating theological questions:

But today one response to the question, “If God did exist, what would you ask?” caught my eye. Reading the cards, it occurred to me that so much of what’s written forms the basis for a modern lament, calling out for God to address pain and suffering. But one response stood out for me for the hope it expressed:

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