Sanctum at Alderman Blaxill School – Wednesday

It’s been a busy day with four classes and a full prayer room at break and lunch time and although it’s sometimes felt just a little chaotic, in amongst all the activity many students have opened up or discovered peace in a new way.

Here are some of the things students are thankful for (the heart post-it notes) and are praying for.

Theological question of the day was this one from a year 9 student:

As ever, feedback forms have revealed an impact beyond the often guarded response we get from end of lesson discussion. Here are some statements from year 9 students:

Now I know how important it is to talk with God and thank him.
Made me realise that lots of people pray, even the people you don’t expect to.
It was a good experience for me and helped me a lot
Never be afraid of getting stuff off your chest. Let God worry, not you.

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  1. Stu says:

    Fantastic stuff

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