Sanctum at Alderman Blaxill School – Thursday

There’s absolutely no doubt that, whether you believe in spirituality or not, Sanctum has a profound and positive therapeutic impact on young people.

Although we can’t go into details, over the last four days we’ve had several young people who have expressed pastoral needs and found real help and comfort as a result of taking part in Sanctum. Some of these have then felt able to open up with more confidence to the school pastoral staff and Amy, our chaplain here. Journeys of healing have begun. Others have poured out their feelings and worries onto post-it notes and cards leaving big questions for God and prayers on the prayer wall. Today Amy was able to make use of a couple of free lessons to spend time with students she mentors, giving them a personalised Sanctum experience as a way of opening dialogue and infusing confidence.

Because some of these young people’s experiences are so negative it would be easy to imagine the atmosphere or mood is overly melancholic. But the opportunity to share this stuff publicly seems to create room for hope. A couple of images from the day go some way towards summing this up.

I want to pray that my dad will be safe in afghan.
It has made me believe that someone [is] looking out for me.

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1 Response to Sanctum at Alderman Blaxill School – Thursday

  1. Katharine Wareham says:

    I just find all this so encouraging. It brings tears to my eyes when I read of the hope that is instilled in young lives by what you all do.
    The young people are starting on a journey towards Jesus & I pray that many will find a lasting relationship with Him. They are coming to a place of healing by being able to express their deep hurts & struggles.
    It is awesome!
    God Bless
    Katharine x

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