Sanctum at Alderman Blaxill School – Friday

Friday was another good day, rounding off a very positive week. True, there have been some difficult classes, though this really only boils down to a few troubled individuals, but otherwise the way the students engaged coupled with the enthusiastic support of staff have made this week to remember.

One of my favourite memories was when a year 9 boy came to spend some time reflecting quietly one lunch time. As so often happens, the ‘forgiveness’ activity made a powerful impact on him. Soon some of his friends came and found him and then sat round, offering a listening ear and lots of support.

Feedback has ranged from many who said it had helped them to relax, that they had enjoyed the peace, that they had been able to let go of worries or hurts, and a few who said things like “[Sanctum] Helped me believe in God more”. Then there are the few who said it didn’t change their thoughts about prayer and it didn’t really make any difference to them. I’m grateful for these comments to, because they confirm that Sanctum isn’t coercing young people into a response but allows them to draw their own conclusions.


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