Sanctum at Stanway School

Sanctum, our prayer space for schools, is back in the Stanway School this week for the third year running. This has always been a special week for us, coming as it does at the end of the school year. We’re also overwhelmed by the hospitality of the head of the Learning Resources Centre, where we’re based, who is plying us with tea, coffee and biscuits at regular intervals!

A few highlights so far.

The world map that, in the absence of any instructions, students are using to post things that are wrong with our world; natural disasters, the conflict in Syria, poverty, drought in Africa, deforestation, homelessness, abuse, the financial crisis in Europe… We thought we’d see what they did with just a map and this result has amazed us. These students are not only very world-aware in the diversity of situations they know about, they are informed and passionate about many of these issues. We’ve had some good conversations here about what’s wrong with the world, and why and whether, or how, God is involved.

And here are just a few of the responses.

I’m thankful for…


Big Questions…

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