East Anglia Schools Workers Forum

If you’re a schools worker in the East Anglia area we hope you’ll be able to get to the next schools workers forum which is on Monday 22nd October at West Road Church in Bury St. Edmunds. These days place a high value on learning from each other through a mixture of presentation with discussion, and curated opportunities for people to share ideas, resources or questions. There is also plenty of time for informal networking over coffee and lunch, which is included in the £15 cost.

During the day we’ll be hearing from the following people in sessions that include plenty of time for discussion.

LoveLife with Sarah and Matt Rushby (BCY Bury St Edmunds)
Engaging with Sex and Relationships Education in a schools context.

Schoolswork with Matt Ager (CYO Braintree District) and Helen Matter (Diocesan Schools’ Adviser Bury St Edmunds).
With so many new areas of work existing for schools workers, it’s easy to miss the powerful impact that can be made by the staple diet of Assemblies, Lessons & Lunch Clubs. During this session, we see how to breathe new life into these areas, approach them from a fresh angle…and not fix what isn’t broken!

Transitions Workshop facilitated by Tim and Amy and guests.
Transition affects all children and young people, from pre-school to starting school, leaving primary to secondary, secondary to tertiary and beyond, this session will look at the challenges and how we can support our young people undergoing transition.

Whether the subject is familiar to you, or something you’ve not yet considered, the aim is to inspire, inform and involve you in the conversation. Which is why there will be plenty of time for…

Going Deeper – A range of round table discussions where you can raise your own questions or share ideas and experience. Each table will focus on either one of the subjects covered during the main sessions or others that have emerged during the day.

We’ll have plentiful supplies of tea/coffee and will also provide lunch. All this for just £15.

To register please email Catherine Burlton, catherineb@scriptureunion.org.uk and send a cheque, payable to Scripture Union to EASWF, PO Box 301 Ely CB7 9EP

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