Reboo – Assembly blogs

Reboo is an assembly resource for secondary schools that uses an engaging and highly visual style to encourage students to think about issues of morality and spirituality. Designed originally for form time assemblies, it started life in a C of E secondary school and the material follows the Church of England liturgy. However, even for those working in non-faith based schools there are loads of good ideas and relevant content here that gets students thinking about and discussing life issues and their own moral and spiritual development. The web site has three demo assemblies which give a good flavour of the material.

Reboo is a subscription resource and currently this licenses it to an educational institution, which makes it not so useful to schools workers who might like to use it in several schools. You’d also need to have internet access to run it, which, from experience, might be tricky to arrange or set up in some schools! But how about giving it a look and maybe recommending it to a school you’re working in.

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