Young people and ‘sexting’

Sexting: An Exploration of Practices, Attitudes and Influences is a report from the UK Safer Internet Centre and NSPCC which came out in December 2012.

The report surveyed 120 Year 9 pupils from three counties through group discussions looking at how they use technology, a general exploration of their experience of sexting, the relationship with celebrity, the media, body image and pornography, and consideration of gender differences. The research also conducted an exploratory survey about online life for Year 6 pupils which did not address issues of sexual content.

If you work with young people you probably won’t be too surprised by the conclusions which confirm the prevalence and ‘normality’ of sexting among this age group and highlights an imbalance in the practice and perceptions of boys and girls. One, perhaps unsurprising, finding is that when it comes to seeking advice or support young people almost completely set against approaching adults (parents, teachers, the Police) fearing judgement rather than support. However, they appreciated the discussions they had during the research and wish there were more such opportunities in school life.

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