Memorise a few vital numbers

Low batteryOver the course of one day recently I met three people who probably wish they had memorised a few vital phone numbers. The first was someone who had been out clearing snow for their neighbour when they got locked out of their own house, their mobile and keys being inside. The second was using a back up phone as their main one had, er, dropped into the loo. And the third was out in town and had run out of battery power. What did they do? (Answers at the end.)

We don’t have to remember numbers because our phones remember for us. But if something happened to your mobile phone and you needed to get a message through, who would you call and how would you find their number? Remembering numbers might not be your thing, but memorising just two or three key contacts could come in very handy. It’s probably best to select people who generally have their phone with them and on, rather than the ones who never answer (you know who they are). If there are more than two or three that might be good options, try memorising the easiest ones first. You could also choose to dial manually the numbers you want to remember. Sometimes it’s easier to memorise the pattern rather than the numbers. You may never need to dial these numbers from memory, but…

What did the three people do?

  • The first one had to use a neighbour’s computer to search for contact details to phone another key holder to return home.
  • The second one had to wait until at work where a colleague was able to find the vital numbers.
  • The third couldn’t remember any numbers accurately and, quite by chance, a friend walked past and was able to help out.
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