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Last night one of the spiritual development resources that we’ve created for our work with Colchester schools, Sanctum, won the Best Youth Work Resource award at the Christian Youth Work Awards 2014. Our thanks to the person who nominated us (you know who you are!) to the Youth Work Awards team for selecting Sanctum as the winner and to Youthwork Magazine for sponsoring this category.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to be there to receive it as we were setting up Sanctum in a local school on the same Friday evening in preparation for a Monday morning start. Here’s what it looks like in action:


To be honest we’re a bit overwhelmed with the whole awards thing! There are so many great youth and schools work resources out there and what we’ve developed here since our first Sanctum in 2008 is also reflected in similar prayer space projects in schools up and down the country, and now internationally. Also, Sanctum isn’t a youth work resource in the traditional sense of something you can buy or download as a package. Instead we’ve been totally delighted to have shared the resources ideas and activities that make up Sanctum through the Prayer Spaces in Schools initiative and web site, as well as other material that I’ve written and contributed.

So if you’re specifically interested in Sanctum, our story here in Colchester, what we’ve developed, how we work with schools… that sort of stuff, do get in touch with me. But for a bigger picture and a wealth of downloadable resources, policies, good practice guides and inspiring stories about how prayer spaces like Sanctum work in schools, do go to the Prayer Spaces in Schools web site. If this award helps to raise the profile of prayer or reflective spaces in schools then for us that’s definitely a winner.

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