Thanks for looking in.

This blog is my attempt to record some of what I do, what I notice and what I think, mostly around the world of young people, the Christian faith and culture. I have been involved in work with secondary schools as a visitor in all sorts of ways for many years. At the moment my local context is the secondary schools of Colchester and nationally I am privileged to work with a great team of people promoting and developing Prayer Spaces in Schools and chaplaincy in education.

There’s obviously more to me than that, so here are a few one-liners to broaden the picture a little:

a follower of Jesus who’s still working on it
husband to Diana
dad to Daniel and Joel
director of Christian Youth Outreach, an educational charity serving schools in Colchester, UK
part of the Prayer Spaces in Schools team
helped set up Colchester Street Pastors
mac user
bass player & novice percussionist
enjoy most types of music
studied Mechanical Engineering at Plymouth
steam loco driver here
drink tea with lemon
don’t like rhubarb or pineapple

1 Response to About

  1. Hi Tim,its Rob Ash, I’ve been wondering if your still in colchester, great to see your still doing good
    things, regards Rob.

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