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iPhone kiosk mode made easy

In Sanctum, our reflective space for schools, we sometimes create activities which use a short video as a starting point for reflection. So far we’ve done this either by putting the video into a Keynote presentation and running it in self playing … Continue reading

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Christian Youth Work Awards 2014

              Last night one of the spiritual development resources that we’ve created for our work with Colchester schools, Sanctum, won the Best Youth Work Resource award at the Christian Youth Work Awards 2014. Our thanks to … Continue reading

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Prayer Spaces in Primary Schools – Colchester training

Saturday 8th November 9am to 1pm Since 2008 over 1000 prayer spaces have been run in primary schools, secondary school and colleges around the country. This training morning is for anyone interested in running a prayer space and will have … Continue reading

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Crisis in Iraq – five things you can ACTUALLY do to help

The current situation in northers Iraq right now seems to be completely without hope. We despair and can be paralysed to inaction by the awful events of thousands of miles away presented on screens inches from our faces. Liking a post or … Continue reading

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Pop-up labyrinth on the lawn

Last weekend we helped to run an inter-church youth event focussing on prayer. As part of this we set up several prayer activities in the hall and the church but also created a kind of ‘pop-up’ Labyrinth for a small … Continue reading

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What if Learning

What would a distinctively Christian approach to teaching and learning look like? Not in the sense of an alternative that sets itself apart from what is already good in education, but in considering how a Christian ethos informs our understanding of people … Continue reading

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Spiritual Capital and Progressive Localism

In Spiritual capital and progressive localism Chris Baker (writing for online magazine Public Spirit) outlines a vision of society that accepts the full religious and secular diversity of Britain today and is able to embrace the ‘spiritual capital’ of both religious and … Continue reading

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Voices of faith and belief in schools (guidance)

NATRE, has released an update to its guidance for religious visitors to schools which can be downloaded here. As an organisation working with schools in the Colchester area we adopt this guidance as a standard for the way we work … Continue reading

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The 7 Psychological Functions of Art

Blog find of the day was Maria Popova’s review of “Art as Therapy” by philosopher Alain DeBotton and historian John Armstrong. In it they propose that Art is more than just an aesthetic indulgence but is a tool that helps  fulfil … Continue reading

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Taking Spirituality Seriously

I’ve recently started following the RSA blog and in particular some excellent thinking and writing on the subject of spirituality by Jonathan Rowson. In Taking Spirituality Seriously he builds on an earlier reflection on Post-Religious Britain: The Faith of the … Continue reading

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