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Crisis in Iraq – five things you can ACTUALLY do to help

The current situation in northers Iraq right now seems to be completely without hope. We despair and can be paralysed to inaction by the awful events of thousands of miles away presented on screens inches from our faces. Liking a post or … Continue reading

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Spiritual Capital and Progressive Localism

In Spiritual capital and progressive localism Chris Baker (writing for online magazine Public Spirit) outlines a vision of society that accepts the full religious and secular diversity of Britain today and is able to embrace the ‘spiritual capital’ of both religious and … Continue reading

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The 7 Psychological Functions of Art

Blog find of the day was Maria Popova’s review of “Art as Therapy” by philosopher Alain DeBotton and historian John Armstrong. In it they propose that Art is more than just an aesthetic indulgence but is a tool that helps  fulfil … Continue reading

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Taking Spirituality Seriously

I’ve recently started following the RSA blog and in particular some excellent thinking and writing on the subject of spirituality by Jonathan Rowson. In Taking Spirituality Seriously he builds on an earlier reflection on Post-Religious Britain: The Faith of the … Continue reading

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Prayer Spaces in Schools autumn conferences

The number of prayer spaces happening in schools and colleges continues to grow exponentially with over 500 (that we know of) in the last five years. Some people have run loads, some are just setting out. In that time we’ve … Continue reading

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Indian Summer

In mid-April my mum was diagnosed with cancer, including multiple brain tumours, which robbed her of most of her speech and language capacity as well as much right-side motor function. For a while, drug treatment all but neutralised the impact … Continue reading

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GO4 Market Café

The GO4 Enterprises Market Café opened just over a month ago in Holy Trinity Church (one of the oldest buildings in Colchester, parts of which date back to about 1000AD) and is an amazing place full of craft, art, vintage stuff … Continue reading

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Borderlands, a photo by timabbott on Flickr.

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Memorise a few vital numbers

Over the course of one day recently I met three people who probably wish they had memorised a few vital phone numbers. The first was someone who had been out clearing snow for their neighbour when they got locked out … Continue reading

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Managing without managers

I have a bit of an interest in the way organisations manage themselves and their people and was particularly inspired by The Starfish and the Spider: The unstoppable power of leaderless organisations by Brafman and Beckstrom a few years ago. … Continue reading

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