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Crisis in Iraq – five things you can ACTUALLY do to help

The current situation in northers Iraq right now seems to be completely without hope. We despair and can be paralysed to inaction by the awful events of thousands of miles away presented on screens inches from our faces. Liking a post or … Continue reading

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I support the protest against SOPA and PIPA [u]

Why it matters to those of us in the UK (and the rest of the world) Wikipedia – SOPA and PIPA – Learn more Google – End Piracy, Not Liberty

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It’s a riot

There’s a lot being written about the current spate of riots. I’ve been wondering about the contrast between what’s happening here, its motivations and causes, and what happened in Tahrir Square, Cairo, or what’s currently happening in Syria. Nick Baines … Continue reading

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Over a million pupils are registered to receive a free school meal each lunchtime. I once was one of them. The young person receives a good cooked meal and it relieves a little of the financial pressure on families. Obviously, … Continue reading

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Sudan 365 – a beat for peace

This is brilliant. I only hope it will make a difference. The top item on a long list of things that Sudan doesn’t need is another civil war. More info about Sudan 365 H/T: Dan

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