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NT Wright on the Kingdom of God

“What would it look like if God was in charge around here?”

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Chaplaincy in Education Conference – Resources for Spiritual Development [u]

Today I have been taking part in the Chaplaincy in Education day conference. Among other things I’ve been working alongside Rachel Warwick in a session looking at Resources for Spiritual Development. The following is a list of web sites and … Continue reading

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Chaplaincy in Education conference – 1st March 2012

Over the last few years there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of people working in schools under the title of ‘chaplaincy’. Broadly speaking this work usually involves aspects of pastoral support and spiritual development. Here in Colchester we’ve … Continue reading

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Did we miss a trick? (or a treat?)

  Halloween is officially big business – £315m worth according to a report in today’s Times newspaper. Last year spending went up by 19% and this year Sainsbury’s and Asda each hope to sell 500,000 costumes. One of the reasons … Continue reading

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Homosexuality: Identity and Scripts

Over at Storied Theology Daniel Kirk is inviting discussion about Homosexuality: Identity and Scripts. His starting point is a reticence to embrace wholly the idea of ‘gay identity’, picking up instead on an understanding that recognises three axes of sexuality … Continue reading

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How denominations see each other (and other blog discoveries)

This has been quietly doing the rounds of various blogs over the last couple of weeks. As in the very best of satire, we see in it ourselves, and our opinions, only too clearly! This is one of those things … Continue reading

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I wonder…

I often wonder what God thinks about those who think they know the most about God. (Inspired by some musings by Banksyboy on the current Rob Bell debate/fight)

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Journey to Disbelief

My friend Tom has recently started a blog to record his journey to disbelief as a former Christian. Tom had a remarkable conversion experience several years ago and for a time worked with us in schools. He has a sharp … Continue reading

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iMonk – Why I’m Not A Young Earth Creationist

I’m part of a Christian Impact study group that meets occasionally to review and reflect on films and books from a mainly missional perspective. This time we’re reading Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament by … Continue reading

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Seven sacred spaces

I was greatly inspired by David Keen’s post on Fresh Expressions of Bookshop which cites an article by George Lings of Church Army. George has written about the 7 sacred spaces (Word Doc download) found within ‘new’ and old monasticism … Continue reading

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